The Guild of Music Supervisors Conference panel on "A&R in the Age of Synch," moderated by Superior's President/Founder Mara Kuge and featuring top executives from Warner Music, Kobalt and BMG, is now online. You can check it out for free here

Hey honey, are you a fan of Stumptown? You will be thanks to their excellent soundtrack, which recently featured SISTERS' "Honey Honey" and Gardens & Villa's "Paradise." Stumptown airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm.

Hope you got to check out the new season of Shrill on Hulu, featuring a fantastic use of "Forever" by The Muffs.    

Congratulations to  Tyler, the Creator, whose "IGOR" won the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. "IGOR" features the song "Puppet," which has a sample from "It's Alright With Me" by Part Time.

Showtime has just announced that  "Shameless" is coming to an end after its next season, its eleventh. We are a little sad but proud that the theme song to this hit series has been the High Strung's "The Luck You Got."

Are you searching for clues to the best tunes out there? Then point your magnifying glass toward the CW's new Nancy Drew series, which recently featured the Superior songs Adam Topol's "Happy Day" and Tarnation's "Into the Night."

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