Ariel View

Back with an explosive new album, Ariel View is a pop-punk duo from California. The band’s sophomore album, Bury My Head, encapsulates the essence of the pop-punk and emo sound from the 2000’s era, while still holding onto the original Ariel View indie sound.

Harmonie Martinez (singer-songwriter/guitarist) and Nadine Parra (drummer) have comprised the 13 track album with everything from fast paced drums and beautifully heartbreaking guitar lines to fun upbeat tunes to dance to. The duo have returned to their roots; their new album emulates the pop-punk powerhouses they aspired to become.

As a queer-identified band, Ariel View are passionate about supporting and empowering the LGBTQ community, and creating an inclusive safe space for all of their fans and at upcoming shows. Their songs showcase the ups and downs of love, regardless of gender.

Keeping true to their DIY style, the entire album was written, recorded, and mastered at Harmonie’s home studio and is released under their own label, Velvet Sun Records. They hope you enjoy it.