Seth Kaufmann (Floating Action)

“There’s this band called Floating Action that is from North Carolina. It’s like my life’s work to turn people onto this guy, [singer] Seth Kauffman. I feel like he’s the most underrated person in music right now and nobody knows about him. And it’s weird; it’s like nobody will give them the chance that they deserve, cause his shit is deep… I swear to God I’m not just saying this because I put out the record: it’s transcendent stuff that if nobody fucking catches onto it now, 20 years from now, somebody’s going to fucking find it and they’re going to be like, “Why didn’t anybody fucking care?” It’s that deep.” — Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Rolling Stone, 1/29/2013

Floating Action is a band from Black Mountain, North Carolina. The studio version of Floating Action is solely Seth Kauffman, who writes, records, and produces all Floating Action material himself, while a band is employed for touring.  Kauffman’s unique songwriting, musicianship, and production style are praised by such notable acts as Dr.Dog,  Dan Auerbach, and Band Of Horses.

Floating Action has released albums on Park the Van Records and Jim James’ label Removador.